Our production department at Optronics Technology AS is at the core of our ability to deliver high-quality electro-optical gas detectors for various applications. With a manual assembly line meticulously optimized for efficiency, we employ a combination of manual and automated testing to ensure product reliability and performance.

Our assembly line is divided into multiple stations, with assembly starting at station 1 and concluding at station 8, where the finished product is palletized. By utilizing the Lean methodology of PULL on our line, we maintain a smooth production flow and optimize our manufacturing capacity. Additionally, we employ KANBAN inventory management in our sub-assembly department to ensure seamless component supply to the assembly line.

We place great emphasis on quality control and conduct automated testing at various stages of the production process. This includes automatic calibration and final testing of each product to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Our product range encompasses electro-optical gas detectors in different sizes designed to fit various applications. We offer point detectors as well as short, medium, and long-range detectors. Each of these can be customized for the detection of different gases, including propane, methane, and CO2. Our production department takes pride in its expertise and experience in Lean principles, automation, and process optimization. Our production managers and process team specialize in methods such as Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Design for Testability (DFT), Design for Serviceability (DFS), and industrialization of products from the development department to manufacturable products. This ensures that our products are both efficient to manufacture and easy to maintain.

Environmental considerations are an integral part of our production philosophy. We always strive to minimize our impact on the environment by implementing sustainable practices and utilizing energy-efficient technologies. We also work towards waste reduction and optimizing resource usage in our production processes.

Our production department is dedicated to delivering high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers. Through continuous improvement and a commitment to expertise in production processes, we aim to be a reliable and innovative provider of electro-optical solutions.