Optronics Technology AS was founded by Lasse Irvam, Preben Storås and Even Rognlien in 2018. The main objectives was to design the worlds best infrared gas detector and to secure the Norwegian heritance from 1984 as the leader within optical gas detection. The company's history goes all the way back to the first solid state infrared source, developed for the industry in companionship with Sintef. The new infrared source quickly became the new standard for gas detection with regards to lifetime, stability and resistance to harsh environments.

In the former Norwegian company, ownership, research and development, production and sales and marketing was all managed in one office location in Oslo, Norway. Over time the products did develop in line with customer needs both with regards to functionality and production volumes. As expected, the potential of the company and products did attract foreign investors and in 2011 the ownership was transferred to UTC and American multinational conglomerate. In the coming years the ownership was transferred to several companies and the former focus on the technology was lost. And finally in 2017 the owner at that time decided to move production out of Norway in an attempt to optimize cost, sacrificing the Norwegian know-how of the joint efforts of R&D and production.

As a direct reaction to what was happening to their workplace and with the certainty to do better, the three founders started Optronics Technology AS. They brought with them 40 years of knowledge of R&D, production and markets of optical gas detection. The first major partner contracts were signed and with this Optronics had secured some of the largest delivery contracts within their segments. From 2018 to 2021 a full company structure was formed. In June 2021 all necessary product certifications were in place and the first products entered serial production and delivery, marking the first major step of a new industrial history.

- All in one house - as before.

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Optronics Technology presents world class high end gas detection solutions. With an innovative design and a game changer for digitalization and modular design, the Optronics 11 series realizes tomorrow's standards.

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